Pilates Bondi

Enjoy Pilates Bondi Style!

FitnessArt offers tailored programs in Pilates. Bondi is the best place in Australia to enjoy it.

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, but has only recently enjoyed an explosion of popularity. Anyone who has practiced Pilates can enlighten you on the benefits and positive experiences they have gained from this complete mind and body workout. Joseph Pilates invented Pilates to rehabilitate Second World War soldiers, which he then modified for injured dancers.

Pilates not only trains your muscles, but also your mind to improve your core strength, posture, balance and alignment. In doing this it will build strength and improve flexibility to help alleviate backaches, sore necks and strained muscles. Pilates heightens body awareness so when you’re performing everyday movements you are using the right muscles to protect yourself from injury.

Whether you are practicing Pilates for rehabilitation or for a lean and strong body there is no doubt you will reap the benefits that you desire. Pilates is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

FitnessArt designs programs for clients based on their personal needs. We work with pregnant and post natal women, athletes and older people.

You will enjoy the Pilates. Bondi will provide the inspiration.

For bookings, call Kate on 0413 111 101.

I have had knee surgery in the past and am unable to do any high impact exercise. I was referred to Kate to assist in my rehabilitation. She has helped me greatly with my recovery. I complete two pilates classes a week, and have done so for 8 months. I have also done personal training with Kate and thoroughly enjoy it. I feel like a new person! – Sarah, Bondi