Has work, family or your relationship been stressing you out lately? Everywhere you look these days, it seems that people are stressed out. Today’s society is so fast, competitive and busy that it seems no one has a chance to breath!

How stressed are Australians?

The latest Australian Psychological Society Stress and Wellbeing in Australia Survey released by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) has indicated the following startling statistics:

  • One in four Australians reported moderate to severe levels of distress this year
  • More than one in five Australians reported mental health issues as a source of stress
  • One in five Australians reported that current stress was having a strong to very strong impact on physical health
  • More than one quarter of Australians reported experiencing at least some anxiety symptoms, with 13% reporting severe to extremely sever levels of anxiety

Stress is unavoidable and the human body is designed to experience it and react to it. We are all born with an instinctive stress response, which is generally called the fight or flight response. At the right level and moment it can be useful, however too much of it can cause major health problems such as anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders and gastrointestinal problems.

The accumulation of worries, fears and doubts that bedevil us daily can have devastating effects on our health. Some people react with unhealthy behaviours, such as comfort eating, drinking alcohol, making poor diet choices, grinding their teeth, inactivity and smoking.

Everybody experiences stress, the key is how effectively people deal with and manage stress.

How can we deal with stress?

  1. Make changes and learn how to deal with stress, so that your life is not so stressful.
  2. Exercise to release endorphins, which make you feel good! (Boxing does wonders!)
  3. Eat a more healthy, balanced diet
  4. Learn stress management techniques, so that you’re able to deal with the parts of your stressful life that cannot be changed at this point in time. (E.g. De-stress with a massage and learn meditation techniques)

What are the best stress management techniques?

In addition to exercise and massage, I highly recommend the Address Stress 14-Day Program! I have recently undertaken the program and have had amazing results! The program is easy to use and will educate you with skills and strategies to enable you to find balance, calm and clarity in your daily life. The program is also backed up with countless scientific research, which is portrayed to the reader in a way that makes it simple and enjoyable to read. All you need is 20-30 minutes a day, which I can guarantee will be the most productive part of your day. The 10-15mins you will put aside in the morning and evening to meditate will do wonders for your mood, motivation, and clarity, which will noticeably make a difference to the rest of your day.

The program comes with an easy to download App, which will gently guide you on how to breath and relax. The purpose of this 14-day program is to help you discover the power of calm. Don’t let stress harm you anymore, do your body and mind a favour and you will be amazed at how good you will feel! No one can make the change, but YOU!

For access to the full Stress and wellbeing in Australia survey 2014 report go to: www.psychology.org.au/npw