Boxing for Fitness!

If you’re after a fit, lean, toned and strong body, then boxing is the sport for you!  Boxing is one of the best sports to enhance your fitness, because it conditions the total body, providing a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems. Not only does it contribute to a better looking physique, but […]

Why is Pilates good for Postural Correction?

Correct posture is important for good health. Why? Good posture will aid in spine flexibility, avoidance of degenerative processes such as arthritis, prevent injuries, increases range of motion, assist in the maintenance of energy levels and allows us to move more efficiently. Pilates is one of the best ways to improve your posture because it […]

The freeFORM!

FitnessArt has a new apparatus..the freeFORM! Although it doesn’t look like much, this versatile piece of equipment is outstanding. It has numerous modalities, which will switch on muscles you never even knew you had! The freeFORM board works in non-linear, continuous movements, which load your muscles through full range of motion, making it a very […]

BMI & Body Fat Percentage. Are you in the right range?

Is your Body Mass Index (BMI) in a healthy range? BMI is determined by your weight in kg divided by your height in metres squared. It is used to measure your total amount of fat and can be a good indication if you are a healthy size. A healthy BMI for an adult is between […]

Are you eating right? Guidelines for a healthier you!

Are you eating the right amounts from each food group? The following table is a guideline to what sort of foods and nutrients you should consume daily. It also indicates the recommended serving sizes for each food group. FOOD GROUP MAIN NUTRIENTS MINIMUM DAILY AMOUNTS Vegetables & Fruits Vitamin C, vitamin A (as carotene), fibre, […]