Whether you like to train in or outdoors , you can choose an inspiring location that is convenient for you. Your personal trainer is there to help you all the way and to help you get motivated to achieve optimum results.


Buddy training is a great way to train with friends or make new friends! Buddy training involves one trainer and two clients, either bring a friend or we can organise a training partner for you. Friends help motivate each other and the session can be a lot of fun.


Small group training involves 3-6 clients with one trainer. This is a great way to meet new people Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and increase your fitness. We keep these groups to a maximum of 6 people to better match fitness levels and goals.


Pre and post-natal programs involving low-impact, safe exercise, promoting a healthier baby and a quicker recovery for mum. Mums can bring their children along in their stroller - there is no need to pay for a babysitter. It's a great way to get outdoors and meet other mothers with similar goals!

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The initial assessment lets us find out your medical history, fitness levels and goals which help us in planning your exercise program to get maximum results. It is also a chance for us to discuss your likes, dislikes and answer any queries or concerns.

To assess your fitness level we can include specific tests for cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. We will also look at your posture, girth measurements and skin-fold measurements as a way to monitor your progress. We may also provide nutritional advice and get you started on a weekly training program.